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Company profile
       Yangzhou Haitong Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a logistics packaging enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of high-quality container liquid bags and other logistics packaging products
       The company has a technical team with rich experience in the development, design and manufacture of container liquid bags, plastic products, high-frequency heat sealing machinery, and high-strength core composite plates: it has a waterway, highway, and railway transportation service team. The company's transportation packaging products have been verified by practice and can be adapted to single-mode or multi-modal transportation modes, and can also design adaptive transportation packages and transportation schemes according to the actual needs of media and transportation.
       The company has perfect and mature production process flow and technical conditions, strictly in accordance with the requirements of IS09001-2008 quality management system, random inspection, testing and testing of raw materials, and destructive testing of finished product samples to ensure that each product meets the requirements of goods and shipping. All types of products are contracted by the Chinese People's Property Insurance Company for product quality liability insurance.
       Yangzhou Haitong Packaging Material Co., Ltd. provides safety, integrity and responsibility for the purpose of providing advanced innovation, safety quality, affordable and value-added bulk software packaging materials, providing customers with economical, convenient and environmentally friendly logistics packaging solutions and value-added services: handling emergencies , Product operation and emergency treatment plan, loading and unloading cargo operation guidance, land/water transportation, solid waste recycling and so on.